Machine-Room Less SL7000

Model:Machine-Room Less
Product Name:SL7000
Max.Capacity (pers/kg):pers 21 / 1600 kg
Max.Speed (m/s):2.0m/s
Max.Travel (m) / Max.Stops:70m / 22 stops

Millions of people use elevators  in the day-life all over the world. Safely, comfortably & smooth ride are key points to reach a desirable journey when going up or down throughout the building such as offices, retails, airports, hotels, hospital & of course residential.

TECNOVA MRL ELEVATORS focus on quality & safety which enables people a desirable journey when riding elevators in a day life.

Years of research & experience are the foundation for a product capable of offering the best solutions in all criteria. When a product combines efficiency, design & profitability, expectations increase.

TECNOVA elevators are created to raise our customers satisfaction & comfort by its exclusive experience in leading technology

آسانسور مدل بدون موتورخانه SL7000
Machine-Room Less SL7000

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Machine-Room Top ST7000

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