TECNOVA is a modern concept in the elevator, escalator & automatic building door industry which aims to create smart choice & fulfill the architectural concepts & the mega trend of urbanization demand.
Tecnova elevators, are designed & manufactured precisely with the latest European Norm together with a desirable harmony in visualization which any visitor admired.

• Energy-Saving & Low Running Cost:

Reduce start-up current, save electric energy, improve drive efficiency, keep low the motors heat-energy & traction machines mechanical-energy, simplified maintenance & no lubricants required.

• Smooth Ride:

Lowering running noise & creating quite space in gearless machines, reducing vibration in building.

• High Safety:

The high-quality brakes ensure the best possible safety level in the daily operation. In addition they are certified as safety device against uncontrolled car movement upwards.

• Space Saving:

Machine room less elevator inclination to minimum overhead requirement by its compact disc type drive.


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