Automatic Sliding Doors

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Door type:Sliding


KS series sliding door is one of TECNOVA-KBB best-selling products with the model KS1000 and KS3000, they are welcomed so well by the clients from China and abroad, at least 10,000 units were installed in the airports, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and banks in the world every year.


Safety Features

1. Safety beam which installed on the fix-door frame

2. UPS backup battery ensures the door operating 30 minutes normally if power fails

3. Install an electro-mechanical lock to ensure the door could be locked more safely

4. Panic breakout: KS series sliding door could equipped with this function, it could open when emergency time or oversize object passing 


  • Saving space, during opening and closing cycle of the door.
  • Saving energy due to shorten the duration of opening and closing cycle.
  • Hygienic product because of not creating vortices.
  • Hygienic product because it touch-less concept.
  • Beauty.
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Automatic Sliding Doors

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