3 or 4 Wing Automatic Revolving Doors

SpecificationDescriptionSafety Features Advantages
Door type:Revolving
Revolving Door Type:3 or 4 doors

Operation Features

1. Continuous working mode

2. Go/Stop working mode

3. Remote control function



Safety Features:

1. Special Load-Bearing Structure

2. Vertical/horizontal safety switch

3. Anti-squeeze

4. Anti-strike

5. Force-sensitive Control

6. Torque Control

7. Panic breakout system

8. Handicap

9. Night Security Door




  • Isolation of conditioned space and as result, reduce in energy consumption.
  • Monitoring and controlling the traffic of the building and as result improving security in the building.
  • Elegant & influential door for luxury buildings.
  • Preventing the building from penetration of wind, especially in wet and windy areas.
درب‌های اتوماتیک گردان ۳ یا  ۴ بال
3 or 4 Wing Automatic Revolving Doors

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